Monday, September 1, 2014

Young Creatives

A lot of the times people look at young people, especially those in the creative arts world as lost causes or useless, without even trying to understand what we are all about, there's always the preconceived ideas of they think they are cool, they are on illegal substances, all they do is take pictures and try look good.

But we are so much more than that, there's is thought, passion, hard work, intelligence in what we do, a love for what we do and yet in a way we are outcasts in our society, we still remain the underdogs especially in our own country where the arts are not taken as seriously as other fields are taken, and this always leads to a lot of young people pursuing careers they are not interested in, killing their dreams and passions so they will be able to fit into what society wants them to be, not because they want to, but because one has to make a living, killing more and more young creatives in the process.

Well these 6 creatives ( being Kgosi Sethoko-Me, Lorraine Kinnear, Naledi Letsididi, Dudu Tshosa, Brilliant Kodie & Kaene Disepo) refuse to fall to the pressures of society we shall continue to follow our creative passions until we achieve every single dream we have had for ourselves, so this past Sunday we collaborated and produced what you are about to see.

Photographers : Lorraine Kinnear & Brilliant Kodie
Make Up : Dudu Tshosa 
Styling : Kgosi Jay Sethoko
Models : Naledi Letsididi & Kaene Disepo
Edits : Kgosi Jay Sethoko
Location : Old Prison, Village, Gaborone

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Streets Of Gaborone : Street Vendors Main Mall

Its funny how inspiration works and when it decides to hit, the other day as i was walking the Main Mall ( i have lost count to how many times iv walked the same area) i felt inspired, inspired to blog about my city and its influences on style, on fashion, there was all these street vendors who had all these amazing pieces from art decor to African sculptures, shirts and bags.

A lot of us don't look at street vendors as style influences but i beg to differ, their stall carry so much creativity and style that is beyond words, so an idea was born for me to do a series called Streets Of Gaborone : Street Vendors, where i will be going to different areas and places in Gaborone how i can incorporate them with fashion and my blog mesh them into one, covering what these vendors have to offer and how they can help you save, the

So one of the great things about Gaborone is that there is a whole lot more stores you can go to than the rest of the country and yes there is big stores like Woolworths, Stuttafords and so on  but there is also the hidden secret of  the street vendors. You'll find them in Broadhurst, Riverwalk (on weekends) The Taxi and Bus Rank , you willl find them lining the streets and what you're going to find at these vendors are accessories, clothes some second hand some new and the good part about it is that they are not going to be expensive and they might not be particularly well made, but if you are looking  for some cheap sunglasses or you want a bunch of brightly colored shirts or pants or maybe even some jewelry, that's where you want to look, and the cherry on top is that some of these street vendors are local artists and they are selling their own creation and one item is never the same as the other so if you want uniqueness this is the way to go.

Photo Credit : Kgosi Jay Sethoko

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Look Of The Day : Lorraine Kinnear

Miss Kinnear, friend, family, loner, lover, fellow crazy and super stylish she is my look of the day, this look if from Dimitri's Art Exhibition at Thapong Visual Arts this past weekend, her clothes always reflect what kind of mood she is in, she never gets it wrong in my opinion and a lot of girls out there should take a page from her book, and this look is what Lorraine is all about, laid back and simple, but there's always a twist with her, take a look at those boots, they are EVERYTHING.

If you want more of Lorraine you can follow her on Twitter @ElleKinnear92 and on her Blog L'ECKLECT

Photo Cred : Kgosi Jay Sethoko


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